Monday, April 24, 2006


I have been so busy with family that I haven't blogged for ages. I have today put some photos on flickr. There are some of my knitwear designs from earlier exhibitions. I must admit I am not diligent in keeping accurate records of my work. Anyway the URL is
The dog belongs to my grandson Harrison. It is cold in the mornings at Peterborough so I made her little coat to wear when she joins the "parade of the animals" around the park opposite their home.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

I did it!

For the first time I have a photo on the blog. This is a photo of me taken on the day I was made Senior Citizen of the Year in October 2004. now that I have achieved this I will have to try to put up some other photos. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Living Legends

Today is the last day we will be the current living legends in the City of Salisbury. We will be going to a cocktail party this evening to meet the next people to be made living legends. To be a living legend you need to be a person who makes a difference in their community by being a role model, being successful under difficult circumstances, being a leader in activities that build community, volunteering, all sorts of things.
Living Legends for 2005 were a young portrait artist, the manager of the local community radio station, an Indigenous elder, an adult educator in a community centre who has designed a computer curriculum, a Para-Olympian swimmer, a young female soccer player, the headmaster of a school, and Alec and I as volunteers in the community. Alec is president of the Armenian Cultural Association, treasurer of the Salisbury Hills Interchurch Network that provides the wages for some part time chaplains in the local schools and he was a French tutor and committee member of the Salisbury U3A. I have been the chairperson of the Pooraka Farm Neighbourhood House for 6 years and the art/craft tutor for 7 years. I was instumental in setting up the Salisbury U3A and was its first president and an art tutor. I ran a community arts project last year to raise awareness of breast cancer and in particular to spread the word about breast examination. In November there was an exhibition of 98 decorated bras in the gallery at the council. Bold and Beautiful, Bizarre Braz. For quite a few months our portraits 1.8 m square were exhibited on a wall in the city square. It is nice to be recognized for your contribution to your local area but the recognitionis not the motivation. It will be very interesting to see who has been chosen this year.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Worn to a frazzle

There always seems to be something that Alec thinks needs to be done immediately. Being very obsessive/compulsive himself, he finds it very hard to do nothing. He would do the dishes straight away. In fact, often before you have finished, he has his hand out for your plate or glass. I am rather laid back and I could leave the few dishes from breakfast until lunch and then do the lot. Who wants their hands in detergent and water 5 or 6 times a day? Besides there are much more important things to occupy my mind! At the moment he can't bear to see me idle or knitting. The song from Walt Disney's Cinderella that goes, "Cinderella, Cinderella, all I hear is Cinderella, from the moment that I get up, there isn't any let up.............." keeps running through my head. There I have had my whinge.
After I have checked Lucie's blog I often click on next blog and see what other people are doing. Sometimes you can find some interesting people. Lucie made a comment about snarking which is apparently a practice of looking in other people's windows and making up stories about their lives. She said that sometimes she feels like she is snarking reading blogs. I often feel I am eavesdropping.
I have found an extraordinary number of pornographic blogs by hitting next blog. I am appalled and disgusted that blogs are being used in this way. I am very liberal-minded but I do object to being confronted with such unsolicited images. What do you do about this?
I haven't heard from SP7 in UK for some time. I wish I knew her blog's title so that I might learn a bit more about her.
Well, time for a cuppa.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

Life seems to be such a rush at present. As usual doing too many things.
Alec went into hospital today to have shoulder surgery. He will not be a happy chappy with his arm in a sling for 6 weeks. He does like to have full control of his life. It is very hard for him to hand over any of that control.
The second issue of the Yarn magazine will hit the newsagents and wool shops next week. I have two great books to review for the next issue, and several other assignments. If you haven't already visit the website for the magazine and have a look. .
Lucie is away on a cruise. Lucky duck! I wonder what is happening in the life of my SP7. That's it for tonight.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Well I have been added to the list of moderators of Adelaide-Knitting Ktog. We need to find a new home for the general knit meeting for once a month and we need a venue for inclement weather for the Knitting al fresco. I need to go to the Hilton Hotel to charm the general manager to give us a similar deal as the backgammon association and convince the state library that they should allow knitters to meet there. After all we are avid readers of knitting books! The knitting on a Sunday has proved popular with some knitters that find it difficult to come to evening meets because of family committments or work. I have a new member keen to join. She is a newly arrived Armenian from Iran who has immigrated with her husband a few weeks ago. Her English is excellent but she want the opportunity to practice the colloquial language. She learnt to knit from her grandmother and knitting obviously has an emotional connection for her.
I am going to the opening of an exhibition this afternoon in Willunga. I am hoping to meet some of the knitters in the textile art collective there with the view of finding interesting art knitters to interview for Yarn magazine. I am looking forward to the change of scenery as well.
Through my Secret Pal I have discovered an online yarn store called Live 2 Knit. They have some lovely hand dyed yarns. Luxurious and sooo soft. It was like a double gift- the yarn and the website.
I think that is all for now. Late night last night and I am still feeling wrung out.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

We have broadband!!!!

Yes, finally we have broadband. We had such a poor reception that sometimes it was crawling in at 9.6Kbps instead of 56. It would drop out all the time while we were downloading and it was a nightmare to try to do any research some days. Because it was so slow it also meant that our telephone was tied up for long periods also. All that is solved! It is so exciting!
I had a chuckle the other day when my youngest daughter, 37 this week, described me as a "thoroughly modern" mother able to text and email on my mobile phone. Some times it takes me quite a while to get a grasp of these things. I did have a 5 years old tell me recently that he would have to teach me how to play his simplest game because I wasn't smart enough or fast enough to cope with anything that required any skill. It was all said with such a matter-of-fact attitude. Bless him!
I have started a multidirectional scarf today using one of the yarns given to me by my SP and 2 from my stash. It is lookin very good and seems as if it will be quick to work. I received another yarn from SP this week. It is an icy green. blue and white mixture of silk and merino. It feels like butter. It is delicious! I do not know yet how I will use it maybe a small neck warmer.